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Are you ready to live a LIFE LEVEL 10?

Come with me through this journey for your Leadership Development!

Hi, I'm Hanna!

International Trainer and Development Facilitator.


I grew up listening to my grandmother saying: “Study really hard, work harder, so you can get a good job, earn your own money and never depend on any man!” So, I became really independent and a leader of my own life very soon!

Daughter of a teacher and an entrepreneur, I understood the importance of education and business since I was very young. At the age of 11 I started to teach and with 12 years old I created my first company.

I studied Business and specialized in Strategic Planning and Management Development, as well as in Leadership, Culture and Diversity.

For the last 20 years, I have been working around the world, training and facilitating business owners and world leaders’ development in several sectors. In the past, I was also a Human Resources Leader, helping thousands of people in all 5 continents to develop themselves and improve their management skills and business performances.

I am a Trainer and Development Facilitator certified by Blair Singer Training Academy and the first and only Brazilian to be part of Success Resources global team of world class trainers. I am totally passionate about leadership! One of the things I love the most is to be serving my students, teaching people how to lead their lives, supporting T. Harv Eker’s training programs around the globe.

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This is how I can support you

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Programs designed to guide you through your development path until reaching your best version, on your professional or even on your personal life, considering all the roles you have to deal with, always looking for the balance.

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Programs created to support you on your journey to live your life fully and on your own terms, serving with your best, from your magic place of fulfillment, impacting many lives while building the life of your dreams. 


Wanna know more about the Programs and Initiatives I am involved with?

Find out how to expand your life to the next level.


What's a LIFE LEVEL 10?

My personal mission is to inspire and empower people to be free, so they can develop their own potential, have freedom of choice, while respecting the diversity existing in the world.

Today I support, develop and facilitate several types of training programs, but what I really do is to bring all kinds of people together so they can create unique environments, where diversity is embraced, honored and used as the fuel to make the magic of leadership happens.

The reason why I do this is because I really believe everyone is capable to live a Life Level 10 in their own terms: full of joy, authenticity and freedom. I was fortunate to have several incredible opportunities and very diverse experiences throughout my life. Those made me able to lead the path to my own choices of happiness and success, spreading these messages everywhere.

I wish I can impact humanity positively, by igniting others to be who they came to be this world! My vision is to develop incredible 7 billion leaders through awareness, connections and opportunities.

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Some Programs and People I work with
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Ignite Your Life

for Conscious Leaders

Leadership is one of my biggest passions! My first book was exactly about Conscious Leadership: how do we elevate and transform the way we lead ourselves and others in a new and conscious way.

Ignite Your Life for Conscious Leaders contains thirty-five outstanding stories by individuals dedicated to consciously inspiring the planet through individual leadership!

When you order it here*, you will get a copy of the book in your house signed by me, especially for you!

Get the book right now and ignite your own life!

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*Shipping only in Brazil.

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Ignite Your

Adventurous Spirit

When we travel our minds expand and we are impacted by the new things we hear, see and experience. Our ideas flow, we are in tune with our imagination and become more crative. We start to value more other cultures and our own. We discover another taste for life and we appreciate history, people and civilizalizations.

If you are an adventurer like me, you will love my second book. Ignite Your Adventurous Spirit brings inspiring travel stories by individuals whose lives have been deeply transformed.

When you order it here*, you will get a copy of the book in your house signed by me, dedicated to you!

Get the book right now and ignite adventure in your life!

*Shipping only in Brazil.

Ignite Female

Change Makers

This is the third book where I had the pleasure to write in. I joined forty-nine other dynamic authors making an exceptional difference for the future of women around the world. We all wrote our transformational stories that made us who we are.

If you consider yourself a change agent, you will relate so much with many of us. If you want to become a change maker, this book is definitely for you!

When you order it here*, you will receive the book in your house signed by me, especially for you!

Get the book right now and ignite change in your own life!

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*Shipping only in Brazil.


Ignite the

Modern Goddess

I believe somehow, we all have God or Goddess within ourselves. That’s why, in this fourth book, I decided not only to write my story in it, but also to coordinate the project and lead other authors, Modern Goddesses, to share their virtues with you through their passionate journey of self-discovery. 


We all have virtues that are essential for this modern world. There is a powerful force that comes when both energies, the masculine and the feminine, come together to allow you to live life in your own terms. And this is what this book is about! 


When you order here, you will receive the book in your house signed by me, especially for you!


Get the book right now, awake the feminine energy in you and live the life you were destined to have.

*Shipping only in Brazil.


What people are saying


"Dedicated to making a difference. Passionate about serving others. Committed to Excellence. A Conscious Creator and a Vibrant Soul are just a FEW of the qualities and attributes that come to mind in relation to Hanna. She is a gem, with her ever increasing capacity to shine more light and love into the world and her vibrant nature is simply contagious! I LOVE being in her energy and even more so, having the opportunity to work and play side by side with her on stage and off. She truly is on this planet to affect positive change!"

Marjean Holden | International Trainer, Writer, Filmmaker, Actress and Mother

“Thank you for inspiring me to take back the control of my career. For some years, I've assumed a more passive attitude - far from what I usually am - because of a certain "discouragement" caused by the constant "ah, that's the way life is! ..." I was letting things happen without positioning myself much but then, hearing you speak, I re-thought that attitude and I'm back in control! Thank you very much!"

 Rogério Toscano | Information Technology Instructor

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“Having the opportunity to participate on a training facilitated by Hanna is to feel the harmony between body and soul. It makes us realize how the world becomes a better place when we are aligned with our life purpose. During the training, I became aware that there are plenty of opportunities for us women, anywhere, anytime and with anyone. I have learned to align these opportunities with my personal and true choices. I have learned to act with courage, and to understand that courage is the act of acting with the heart. Thank you! I can't wait for the next training with her! ”

Nívea Viana | Planning and Control Supervisor

“Facilitating groups is touching the learner's soul, instigating reflection, insight, and change, whether of thought or behavior. Hanna mastered the group facilitation technique to extrapolate the technique and touch the soul. Thank you for the opportunities to exchange and build new technical and life learning. You are part of who I am today! Gratitude, dear Hanna. ”  

Soraia Petrillo Sampaio | Psychologist, Life Coach and Development Facilitator


“I had the opportunity to participate as a student in some of Hanna's training programs and what strikes me most is her capability and ability to facilitate activities by having participants exchange experiences in a way that everyone comes home excited to implement immediately what you learned! I love her trainings, the insights I have when I'm there, and all the questioning and insights that makes me think and become a better person. ”

José Raimundo Júnior | Planning and Geosciences Director

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